Why give a Soldiers Bible

Posted by on January 29, 2015

Many of us have friends and family who are putting there lives on the line to serve their country and protect us. These people may be sons, daughters, brothers, sisters etc that we hold dear and want to let them know that we at home support them and care for them.




Sending them a Soldiers Bibles is a small way we can encourage and help them when they may need it most. It is a declaration of what is important and how much you truly value them. It is a gift that can be taken anywhere and one that will be with the soldier through thick and thin. It really is one of the most thoughtful gifts possible to give someone fighting for our country.

A Soldiers Bible reminds us all of the big picture and can restore a soul that is in a difficult place doing a difficult task. It is a comfort when needed and an inspiration at the right time.
I first got one of these when I was in Iraq in 2005 and the one I recently purchased is a replacement. The original got lost.


There are times when it is nice to have a copy of the Bible around and this version of it is specially-designed for the Soldier. This is a good item to get a Soldier deploying overseas as it isn’t always the first thing they think of when heading out.”

James D. Crabtree “Doc Crabtree”